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The Profile of Pingxiang

  Pingxiang, once the choke-point between the ancient Wu Empire and Chu Empire, nowadays a shining pearl in West Jiangxi Province, is one of the cities where China's modern industry originated. Since the Reform and Opening-up, the economic development of Pingxiang has been rapid and the commerce and trade in Pingxiang has been kept prospering as well, therefore it has been one the most important industrial cities in Jiangxi. Pingxiang governs Luxi County, Shangli County, Lianhua County, Anyuan District and Xiangdong District. The city’s land area is 3823.99 k㎡, the population is 1,851,600 and the density of population is 484 per k㎡.  

  Pingxiang is situated in the west of Jiangxi Province, among east longitude 113°35′~114°17′ and northern latitude 27°20′~28°0′, sharing its east border with Yichun City in Jiangxi Province, south border with Ji’an City in Jiangxi Province, west border with Zhuzhou City in Hunan Province and north border with Luyang City in Hunan Province. As the western gate of Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang is in the center of west Jiangxi economic development structure and has been known as the thoroughfare between Hunan and Jiangxi Province and the choke-point between the ancient Wu Empire and Chu Empire. Pingxiang locates in the core region of radiation of economic circle of Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration and receives the radiation of Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and Southeast Fujian Economic Zone. Inside Pingxiang, Shanghai-Kunming railway traverses the city, connected to Beijing-Guangzhou railway and Beijing-Kowloon railway. With the completion of electrification reconstruction project of Shanghai-Kunming railway, the first trunk railway with designed speed of 200km/h will be an important channel connecting Yangtze River delta and Pearl River Delta. The national road NO.319 and 320 flow together like a cross in the city. Shanghai-Kunming expressway and Pingxiang-Hongkoujie expressway traverse throughout the city. The distance from the central urban area of Pingxiang to Huanghua Airport in Changsha, Hunan Province is only 120km. Therefore, the geographical conditions of Pingxiang are quite predominant.